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Opinions About A Cash Loan in SCC Bank

SCC Bank belongs to the Spanish Santander Group. Is a leader in the field of installment loans and one of the two largest banks on the market for crediting new vehicles. It also strengthens its position on the market of cash loans and credit cards.

Credit limit
up to PLN 35,000 Time limit for repayment
up to 5 years Interest
from 3.99% Commission
from 0%

For the Master Cash Loan offered by SCC Bank SA with its registered office in Wrocław, the calculation based on the representative example as at 03.07.2018, determined in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act, is as follows: fixed interest rate on the loan: 5.99%, total loan cost: PLN 5,091.99 includes: commission: PLN 2,217.72, interest: PLN 2,870.70, payment for cash withdrawal at the cash desk of the Bank’s branch: PLN 8.10. Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) 12.02%, total loan amount (excluding credited costs): PLN 15,000; duration of the contract: 48 months; total amount to be paid: PLN 25 459.12; the amount of 47 monthly installments PLN 535.39, the last 48 installments PLN 535.31. * Despite all efforts, the data may no longer be up to date report an error.


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